Privacy Policy

CompOrganizer and CompRegister are systems built to assist in the operation of dance competitions. CompOrganizer provides a suite of software and web-based tools for managing websites and related data. CompRegister is the user-facing software that allows competitors to register for dance competitions managed by the CompOrganizer system.

This competition and website is powered by CompOrganizer..

CompRegister gathers and manages registrant data for participating competitions, which includes name and contact info, governing body registration number (e.g. USA Dance, NDCA, etc), classification (professional or amateur) and gender, and may also include birthdate, school affiliation(s), partnership affiliation(s), photos and bio. In addition, registrants are required to create and store a password in order to use the online registration tools.

The registrant data managed by CompRegister can be used to log in and submit entries to any participating competition. However, registrant data is only shared with competitions to which the user voluntarily submits entries, and the data shared is limited to that which is required by the organizer in order to process the entries. This can include the registrant's email address, but does not include the user's log-in password.

The registrant's email address will be provided to the organizer of any competition to which the registrant submits entries, for the express and limited purpose of contacting the registrant regarding his or her entries at the event. Organizers are limited to contacting registrants about the current year's event only. A separate sign-up process is available to those registrants who wish to be contacted regarding other events, subscribe to mailing lists, etc. But registration on CompRegister does not require enrolling on any organizer's mailing list.

Some participating competitions may accept online payments for registration. For those who do, payments are taken through a 3rd-party payment processor such as PayPal, Square, Stripe, or CashNet. Any information with respect to the payment, including credit card or bank account routing numbers, CVV and pin codes, and expiration dates are transferred directly to the payment processor, and are never viewed or stored by either CompRegister or the competition organizer. The only data returned to the organizer are the payment type, amount, and result of the transaction.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the CompRegister privacy policy, please direct them to: Jonathan Atkinson, 10647 Ashby Ave, Los Angeles CA 90064. Telephone: (310) 709-5844. Email: